Credence & Co. Congregations is committed to building thriving faith-based congregations and organizations. We are an ecumenical group of individuals that is journeying with churches across a variety of denominations to empower leaders and transform congregations.

Credence & Co. Workplaces is attempting to improve the state of the world by working with organizations to help them thrive and flourish. We believe that workplaces can be places of success, innovation and joy especially as various parts of the organizational system listen to and learn from one another.

The Thriving Leaders Podcast was developed by Credence & Co. as an added support for leaders in their leadership journey.  This podcast is for those of us looking to journey alongside others to further our capacity so that we can build organizations, churches, and communities that are flourishing and thriving.

Love, Listen, and Lead. Our foundational values give our work purpose and enable us to serve your organization in the best way possible. We commit to loving – that is caring deeply for – each person and group with whom we work; we seek to listen at all times for the wisdom each person has to offer; and we lead with integrity, humility, grace and strength.

At Credence & Co., we commit to engaging leaders, tailoring our interventions to meet the needs of each group with whom we work and to maintaining high standards of excellence, continuous learning and innovation.

Our services include coaching, consulting, training, facilitation and conflict transformation/mediation. Whatever your journey, we want to walk alongside you. Let us guide your organization forward.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative – Each project is tailor-made to your organization.

We’re Collaborative – You’re not just getting one person – you’re getting a whole team of professionals.

We’re Experienced – Over 50 years of experience.