ARC & L3 Group is now Credence & Co.

Dear Friend of ARC/L3 Group,

Please join us in celebrating one full year under our new organizational structure and mandate. As you know ARC, which we founded in 2006, was expanded and restructured in 2016 under the new name L3 Group. It has been an exciting year. Over the course of this past year, we have continued our work with congregations, we have expanded our reach into the business community and we have strengthened and solidified our organizational structure. Changing organizational structures does not come without challenges. As we reflect on where we have been over this year, we are proud to say that not only have we weathered those challenges well, we have become stronger as an organization. And most importantly, we continue to experience considerable joy in our work with our clients.

We have been working with a marketing company over the past year who has been assisting us in developing our website, brochures and business cards. Over the course of this work we have been encouraged to change our name one more time. The feedback we have received has shown us that the name we chose (L3 Group) in January 2016 does not quite communicate as well as we had hoped. As such, we are changing our name one final time. We confess that this feels scary – our services, our commitment to you and our commitment to our core values to LOVE, LISTEN and LEAD remain the same.

In closing, we want to say a profound word of thanks to you, friends of our company, for your trust in us and our work, for hiring us, for inviting us into your lives and for referring your friends and colleagues to us. We could not do what we do without you!

With gratitude and joy,

Betty Pries, CEO
Credence & Co